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Wedding Legal Requirements

Rather than registering your marriage back home first or having to go through the lengthy process here yourselves, Samui Beach Village offers a comprehensive service that allow you to enjoy your travels and most importantly, your wedding ceremony with peace of mind knowing you have complete legalisation of your marriage.


The process starts with a visit to your country's embassy in Bangkok, to obtain a statutory declaration (a document that has been endorsed and stamped by the Consulate) that verifies you are single and free to marry. Every embassy has its own form and different regulations for this and we will inform you of any additional requirements as per individual embassies, such as previous divorce papers and individual embassy fees.

You will be required to spend a minimum of 2 days in Bangkok to complete your paperwork prior to coming to Koh Samui to enjoy your wedding ceremony

Our legal counterpart in Bangkok will meet you at your embassy in the morning, and will be your guide throughout the submission and completion of your paperwork at the various embassies/official offices you need to visit. All you will need to bring are your passports, photocopies of the front page of your passports, and any other documentation as required by your embassy (which will be advised prior to your arrival).


Please note, depending on some embassies, you may have to leave your passports there for collection later that day or in some cases, the following morning. Once the affidavits have been issued, your guide will meet you at your embassy to collect them. At this point you are now free to continue on with your holiday or wedding preparations, and we will handle the rest of the process.

Our legal representative will have the documents translated at an authorized translation bureau and then personally take them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for processing and endorsement. This will take approximately 2 to three days and after this, the documents are express couriered to us at Samui Beach Village in Koh Samui.

Once Samui Beach Village have received the documents, we will then have a meeting with the Koh Samui City Council (Amphur) where your paperwork will be endorsed and verified and submitted to the Registrar (Balat).

Wedding certificates

This process takes about two days and after this, we then arrange for the Registrar to be present at your marriage ceremony along with your marriage certificate, ready to be signed after your wedding ceremony is completed. At the legal ceremony, he will ask you to state your names and professions and one or two other simple questions. Our wedding team will be on hand to help with translating any questions that the registrar may ask prior to signature.

Please note that you should allow yourself 6-8 days from your arrival into Bangkok, until the signing of your documents "on the day". This allows enough time for each of the steps. An express service is available for an additional charge


The registrar will then present you with your marriage certificate and after you sign this, you are officially married as authorised by Thai law. The signing of the certificate takes some ten minutes to complete and after signature, we take a copy of the certificates and send them back to Bangkok to have them translated back into English.

Signing wedding certificates

The certificates are then forwarded onto you at an agreed address at a later date.

If required by your embassy, the translated signed certificates will also be sent to the Foreign Ministry for endorsement and then onto your embassy for verification. Depending on your nationality, this can take up to four weeks and the certificates will the be forwarded to you at agreed address at a later date.


Depending on your nationality, you will only need to stay in Bangkok for a maximum of three working days, some nationalities will require a few more days stay. After your embassy appointment, you're free to go on your way and we will take care of everything else.


The cost of this comprehensive legal service is between $850 & $1,000 USD depending on your nationality; as some embassies require an extra process to complete the legal procedure after the signing of the wedding certificates.

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